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Dedem Group at work!

Non ci fermiamo

In order to guarantee production, technical assistance, customers and suppliers, the Dedem SpA Group does not stop its activity. The current health emergency is producing a serious crisis also from the economic point of view. With commitment, and in full compliance with the provisions issued by the government and the health authorities, we continue to work to protect the jobs of our employees and stakeholders.
We realize that it is necessary to protect the future, but in order to do so, it is even more essential to protect our present. We therefore ask everyone to strictly abide by the restrictive measures provided for by the governmental decree, to jointly win this new challenge.
Our Made in Italy is not a simple way of doing things, it is, above all, a way of being Italy.
A heartfelt thanks goes to the staff of the Dedem Group who, with a spirit of sacrifice and love for their work, allows us to be a great company even in such circumstances.
For more information, you can contact us at 06/93026870.