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N°1 in providing high-income attractions for children.

Memopark is the brand of Dedem SpA, a leader in the production and distribution of children's attractions that since 1987 has helped parks, game rooms and shopping centres operators to grow their business, entertaining children and families with tested kiddie rides, attractive and safe, that excel in takings.

Along with its award-winning products, Memopark has added, games of skill, vending machines and other attractions, for a unique offer that satisfies every need in the segment that goes from 2 to 8 years.

Memopark owes its name to the union of two words: memory and park and evokes the call to the past, to memory, to the frivolity of games and of the eternal child in us, immersed in fantasy and fun.

Thanks to the perfect combination of ancient expertise of families, specialized in carousel construction, and of a team of highly qualified technicians, Memopark has transformed itself from a small company with very few employees, into an industrial reality.

With a market that extends from Europe to North and South America, passing through the Middle and Far East, Memopark products are present both in the play centres of the most important operators in the world, and in those with more familiar management.

Memopark has been accredited by the most famous licensees, such as Warner Bross, EntertainmentOne, obtaining the right to use blockbuster characters, such as Peppa Pig, PJ Masks, Batman and Scooby Doo.

Memopark attends the most important trade fairs in the sector, IAAPA, EAS, DEAL, AAMA, ENADA where the creative, innovative and performance qualities are transformed into international awards and prizes.

This is the Memopark fable, the fable of 100% Italian creativity, which despite the passing of time does not age but rather evolves and propagates.